Cancer Screening


LucenceINSIGHT™ is a multi-cancer early detection tool that screens for the signals of up to 50 cancers in a simple blood draw. The test detects cancer-associated alterations in DNA fragments circulating in blood. These fragments (also known as circulating tumor DNA or ctDNA) are released from cancer cells into the bloodstream.

How LucenceINSIGHT™ Works

LucenceINSIGHT™ is a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test that screens for the early signals of multiple cancers through a simple blood draw, before symptoms show. 

Leveraging proprietary technology, the test detects cancer-associated alterations circulating in the blood. These alterations are termed ‘Cancer Signals’ and are presented in your report as Cancer Signal: Detected or Cancer Signal: Not Detected. 

To learn more about cancer screening, make an enquiry with us.

Cancers Covered By LucenceINSIGHT™️

There are 50 cancer types covered by LucenceINSIGHT™️ PLUS. LucenceINSIGHT™️ covers the 12 cancers highlighted in orange.

Importance Of Cancer Screening

In Singapore, cancer is the leading cause of death. Cancer screening helps to detect cancer at an early stage before any symptoms appear. When detected early, many cancers are easier to treat or cure.

Who Should Get Screened?

LucenceINSIGHT™ is recommended in conjunction with existing screening tools for:

  • Individuals aged 40 and above who are not pregnant and without a history of cancer in the past 3 years.
  • Individuals with an elevated risk of cancer (e.g. family history of cancer, diet, lifestyle etc).

Based on our proprietary next-generation sequencing technology, LucenceINSIGHT™ screens for the signal of cancer with a sensitivity of 80.9% and a specificity of 99%3.

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Which DR+ Clinic Is Offering Lucence Cancer Screening?

Lucence Cancer Screening are exclusively available at DR+ Medical & Paincare Marsiling and DR+ Medical & Paincare East Coast.

Advance appointments are necessary. Kindly get in touch with the respective clinic to schedule an appointment.

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