About DR+

DR+ (pronounced as Doctor Plus) Medical & Paincare clinic is a primary care clinic brand that offers comprehensive healthcare services with a focus on pain management.​

The brand forms the frontline of Singapore Paincare medical group’s vision to build a comprehensive paincare ecosystem, bringing affordable primary care and pain care services to the heartland. ​

Our Doctor Plus team is dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the best care possible, whether from performing routine check-ups, relieving acute symptoms to treating chronic illnesses and difficult pain conditions.​

Why Pain Management​

The rising ageing population has led to an upsurge in chronic pain, especially from degenerative causes, emphasising the significant importance of pain management treatments.​

Singapore’s population is ageing, with those aged 65 and above expected to make up 23.8% of the total by 2030, according to the Singapore Government’s National Population and Talent Division. ​

Demand for chronic pain management and care is therefore expected to increase. At DR+, we believe that pain should not debilitate us; we can grow old without pain. Our clinics are poised to help these patients by providing effective pain care to relieve pain and enabling patient to engage in early rehabilitation and therapy.​

We are committed to helping every patient journey – from treatment, recovery to long term wellness.

Our Pain Expertise and Clinical Training​

Every GP is trained under Singapore Paincare Academy where they acquire skills to perform specialised injections and other procedures to bring effective pain relief to patients.

The Singapore Paincare Academy stands as a testament to our strong commitment to maintaining unparalleled clinical and operational excellence. Our GP doctors undergo training in Singapore Paincare Academy to manage prevalent pain conditions.

The training includes “Painostic Methodology’ – Singapore Paincare’s proprietary know-how for performing pain assessments, diagnosing pain conditions, and developing a pain treatment roadmap. It covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of pain assessment and differentiates the mechanical and functional aspects of pain transmission.

Our doctors and clinical team also undergo training on clinical and operational standards to ensure the delivery of quality services.

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